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Are Probiotics the Next Penicillin ?

Probiotics: Start With a Good Foundation
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The foundation of optimum health.

Inside our digestive tract we have somewhere around 100 trillion bacteria happily living in us.  We’re like a giant high-rise building, and the bacteria are our tenants.  About 7 lbs of “us” are really bacteria that live in our intestines.

Our understanding of gut flora has advanced by quantum leaps in the past decade or so but we’re still just scratching the tip of the iceberg here.  We now know that our gut flora helps us properly digest our food, protects us from pathogens (harmful microorganisms), helps us detoxify harmful compounds, produces vitamins and other nutrients, keeps our guts healthy, and balances our immune systems.

Probiotics are a culture of “good” bacteria.  Most often when we say the word Probiotics we are talking about a supplement (a pill or powder) of beneficial bacteria, but we also use the word Probiotics when talking about fermented foods.

Good bacteria include Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Bifidobacteriumbifidum, and others. They help us digest food, maintain a healthy gut, provide us with nutrients and vitamins, and fight off bad bacteria. Good bacteria can be taken as a Probiotic supplement.

As a rule, Probiotics - available in foods and dietary supplements - are bacteria similar to those naturally found in our gastrointestinal (GI) tracts. These bacteria are usually obtained from two groups, Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium. There are many different species within each group, and numerous strains within each species.

The balancing act required to keep friendly and unfriendly bacteria levels in check can be disrupted in various ways.

Medications such as antibiotics can kill both good and bad gut bacteria in one fell swoop. Unfriendly, disease-causing bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and parasites can put micro flora balance into a tailspin.
Intestinal upset such as diarrhea brought on by food poisoning can lead to a decrease in micro flora. Age, illness, and stress can cause microflora imbalance. Poor diet is one of the most serious contributors - good bacteria love fiber; bad bacteria thrive on refined sugar and animal fat. Starvation, low-calorie dieting, and excessive alcohol consumption can all cause a micro flora disruption.

When a micro flora imbalance occurs, the population of Lactobacilli (a good bacteria) in the small intestine decreases, gives bad bacteria and yeasts (such as Candida albicans) the opportunity to occupy the space left by the reduction of good bacteria. The bad micro flora begins to proliferate, overpopulating the GI tract, and persisting for months and/or years.

The digestive system is an incredibly important - and complex - part of the human body. Many health care providers believe it is the place where health begins...and ends. Probiotics provide an exciting new aspect to the health of the human gut.

As with all medications, the effectiveness of Probiotics depends on a variety of factors ranging from the species and strain ingested, to the age, gender, genetics, health status, and history of each individual. Today, however, there is a mounting body of evidence to support the effectiveness of Probiotics in the treatment of an enormous number of twenty-first century conditions.

-Mayer Eisenstein MD JD MPH

I take and recommend the following protocol for daily Probiotic usage.
  1. Health maintenance adults 20 Billion CFU daily
  2. Children 5 Billion CFU daily
  3. Colds and Flu 50 Billion CFU for 7 days
  4. Chronic conditions at least 50 Billion CFU daily
Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH is a graduate of the University of Illinois Medical School, the Medical College of Wisconsin School of Public Health, and the John Marshall Law School.  In his 40 years in medicine, he and his practice have cared for over 75,000, children, parents, and grandparents.  He is the founder of the Eisenstein Medical Centers, is Board Certified by the American Board of Public Health and Preventive Medicine and he is a member of the Illinois Bar.

Dr. Eisenstein has given vaccine choice to over 50,000 children, served over 75,000 parents, children and now grandchildren. He applies the principles of minimal pharmaceuticals to adult medicine with emphasis on natural supplements to control chronic illnesses such as: high blood pressure, high Cholesterol, muscle and joint pain, IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome, GERD, heartburn, acid reflux, Metabolic Syndrome and other medical conditions.
As well as  having a line of probiotics, the Mega Pro's in varying quantities, we strive to place probiotics in all of our dry products.

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