Monday, September 8, 2014

CDC Admits NonVaxers Don't Cause Outbreaks

Dr. Mayer Eisenstein MD,JD,MPH respects Parent Rights to decide the Vaccine Status of their Children

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CDC Admits NonVaxers Don't Cause Outbreaks, More Vaccines Guarantees Nothing, Know Your Rights Radio: Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, co-host of Know Your Rights Radio with Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips, talks about a small outbreak of measles in New York and the fact the authorities won't reveal if the sick are vaccinated to not. Eisenstein, a longtime opponent of vaccines, believes this is because everyone with a vested interest in vaccines, mainly government bureaucrats and drug companies, don't like to admit more vaccinated get sick and non-vaccinated, thus proving that vaccines are worthless.

Dr. Eisenstein notes that many diseases have disappeared from existence without vaccines. Then the discussion goes to how over the last 30 years it was decided that vaccines don't last very long and need to be redone over and over, giving drug companies a nice boost to the bottom line. Then one also has the complete explosion of the number of vaccines and those administered in multiple doses, also a new development that seems curious because it is so blatantly obvious a tactic for increasing profits. Drug companies don't fund research into vaccines and their main customers and funders are local, state and central governments.

Dr. William Thompson is his name and he works with the Immunization Safety Branch at the CDC. Dr. Thompson broke his silence after Dr. Brian Hooker from the Focus Autism Foundation issued a FOIA request about a recent autism study. Watch the video.

Well, get your book bags packed and your shoes tied tight. It’s about time to go back to school again. 

Every fall, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention send out their reminders to parents to vaccinate their children. Different states have various vaccination requirements, mostly targeting mumps, measles, rubella, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus and polio. 

For many years, especially while many of these vaccinations were still being developed, the majority of the population relied solely on the CDC for their information about vaccines. In recent years, large groups of people have started to question the overall benefit of vaccinations. With so many people objecting to the mandatory shots, we turn to Dr Mayer Eisenstein. He says that kids CAN go to school WITHOUT vaccines. 

Doctor Eisenstein is a graduate of the University of Illinois Medical School and the Medical College of Wisconsin School of Public Health. He’s been practicing medicine for 42 years, caring for over 75 thousand people. 
Click here to watch Dr. Eisenstein explain how to write a legal vaccine waiver

Dr. Mayer Eisenstein MD,JD,MPH respects Parent Rights to decide the Vaccine Status of their Children

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Vaccine Choice at the Eisenstein Clinics

We are accepting new patients. We accept most medical insurance
Dr. Mayer Eisenstein and Advanced Nurse Practitioner Jen Eisenstein are pleased to announce the School, Camp, Sports Physicals and Wellness Exams Clinic for those parents who have decided to exercise vaccine choice for their children. Dr. Eisenstein and his practice have cared for more than 50,000 children who were minimally or not vaccinated at all. 

There is virtually no autism, asthma, allergies, respiratory illness, or diabetes in his unvaccinated children, an impressive statistic when compared to national rates.

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